The new mobile credit card readers are highly functional; you can use them for buying something as small as a gum to something as big as a mahogany desk. These credit card readers allow customers to use their credit card anywhere, regardless of you having a brick and mortar store or being a local artist. You can use it anywhere and at any time and it will help increase your sales as well.

  1. Square

Square is probably seen as the smallest and most recognizable credit card readers available in the market today. It is approximately the size of a book of matches and fits in to the audio jack of most iPhone and Android phones. The app and device are free to use, therefore all the money goes directly into the bank. The credit card looks sleek and is simple to use as well. Square’s payment plan is simple as well, with every credit card swipe, it takes 2.75%.

  1. Intuit GoPayment

Intuit GoPayment is quite similar to Square, however there are two factors that make them different from each other. Square works only with iPhone and Apple devices, while Intuit GoPayment also works with blackberry devices. However, only the app can be used on blackberry devices, not the credit card swiper. This option gives larger businesses an option of a monthly fee with reduced rates. Like Square, the app and device are free, thus the money goes directly in the back.

  1. PAYware Mobile

PAYware Mobile is made by Veriphone, who are one of the best developers of electronic payment systems. PAYware Mobile is one of the few credit card processing apps that will soon be available internationally. Furthermore, like other apps PAYware Mobile can incorporate with your account that already exists, thus helping you track all your transactions. With the new upgraded version, PAYware Mobile sends out several multiple card reading devices that have a barcode scanner and a PIN pad. Therefore, you can have more than one point of sale system that can be managed from one central spot.

  1. ROAMpay

As compared to the other credit card readers, ROAMpay is quite unique as it may be the only service that has a card swiper combined for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices. Unlike other credit card readers, ROAMpay is compatible with a wide range of phones. The pricing of ROApay depends on the business you have.