Interested in discovering how do mobile credit card reader systems work actually? Read this article and find out everything you need to know!
If you have always dreamed of starting your own business, this is the perfect opportunity to transform the dreams into a reality.
Starting your own business today is easier than ever, especially if you have an idea in mind. There is one thing that can make things even simpler for you – the Shopify mobile credit card reader that will help you save time and money.




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We suppose you will have buyers and you surely don’t want to annoy your first buyers with a sign that says “cash only”. You need to keep in mind that today, fewer and fewer people carry cash with them. Instead, they carry their credit or debit cards and expect to pay with those cards for the products or services you offer. This can be a real challenge for the small business owners, as well as, for the startups that don’t always work out of their physical store. Take into consideration the mobile businesses such as a food truck or the professionals who offer services such as massage, dog-walking, babysitting, and etc. Their livelihood may depend on being able to accept credit or debit cards.
How Do Mobile Credit Card Reader Systems Work
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The mobile credit card reader systems turn your mobile phone into a credit card swiper and allow you to take and complete credit or debit card transactions. If you are serious about your business and we suppose that you are, the chances are you have a mobile phone you use for business purposes only. If not, maybe it is time to consider investing in a smartphone.
There are a few great mobile credit card readers that are on the market now and usually, all are different and have their own specific features. Even though the basic technology is the same, each POS service uses its own mechanism and each comes with its own price fee.
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When it comes to mobile credit card machines and services, there are a few options you may consider. The Square is a small box that simply plugs into the audio jack of your mobile phone. It includes a special slot for a physical swiping of the credit/debit card. You can download the application and you will receive the information transmitted via the sound waves into the smartphone.
Another option you may consider is Intuit GoPayment which is from the same company that creates QuickBooks accounting software system. Although you don’t need QuickBooks to use the GoPayment, there are a lot of businesses that use the accounting software and they certainly appreciate the compatibility for managing and saving sales data. This solution comes with its own reader and it is also compatible with other credit card readers such as the Bluetooth credit card reader, the Mophie, and etc.
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Other popular mobile credit card readers are MagTek iDynamo which is known for its security and RoamData RoamPay which is known for its versatile compatibility.
When it comes to the payment plans, they vary among the types of services. For example, Square charges 2.75% of each transaction while other services may charge monthly fees. However, the best option, if you ask us, depends on the number of transactions your process and how large those transactions are.
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If you want to run a successful business and if you want to offer your customers smooth transactions by using their smartphones, using a mobile credit card reader is definitely a must-thing for you to have. Now that you know how these readers work, it is time to choose the best one.
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